Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Woman Files False Rape Claim Because She 'Didn't Enjoy It'

It's always wrong to falsely accuse anyone of a crime, but something like
rape is especially horrible. At least they were kind enough not to put this
guy's name on the internet. Long before she confessed, though, she probably
enjoyed lots of attention and special treatment as a "victim" of crime that
never happened.

I feel sorry for any man accused of rape. I've tried several rape cases in
my career. I'm always amazed at how closed-minded some potential jurors
are. I've had potential jurors say, "A woman would never lie about being
raped" and they mean it. I don't think they are just trying to get out of
jury service. I sincerely think that they are clinging to this
centuries-old idea that a woman who "admits" a rape is somehow lowering her
own reputation in the community, so a woman would never devalue herself like
that by falsely claiming rape.

That's just not the case anymore. Society accepts premarital sex as normal.
A virgin bride over 18 isn't expected anymore. Therefore, women are now
"free" to falsely accuse men they don't like of rape without lowering their
own standing in the community. Unfortunately, the older idea that a woman
would never do that persists in the minds of many potential jurors. Because
of that, men don't get trials that are as fair and balanced as they should

If you're facing charges like this, call me.