Thursday, September 20, 2012

Woman Jailed For False Rape Claim

A UK woman was jailed for falsely claiming she had been raped. 
Jailing Dodd at Nottingham crown court, Judge John Milmo told her: ‘None of these three lads had seen the inside of a police station before.
‘They may well have been wrongly convicted if these charges had gone to trial. It was ten days before police managed to talk to you – and you admitted your allegations had been completely untrue. I am told, from your perspective, it was easier to tell lies rather than tell the truth. 
‘I have no idea why you decided to make these wicked allegations.’
Dodd went out drinking in Nottingham city centre in June, downing eight vodkas and ending up in a casino.
There she met one of her numerous ex-boyfriends and through him met the trio.
She and the three men took a bus to a house in the Clifton area of the city, and during the journey she began groping one of them.  In the house she willingly had sex with all three.
But afterwards she texted a friend saying that she felt ‘dirty’. With that in mind she claimed to police that all three of her partners had raped her.  Link

During the jury selection phase of a recent Gwinnett County rape case(which I won), a potential juror said that she would be biased towardthe accuser because "women don't lie about getting raped." The judge agreed with me that this juror wasn't fit to serve, and she was removed from the pool.
Nothing shocks me anymore. The blind bias that exists in jury pools used to shock me, but not any more. Any man accused of rape begins his trial with at least a third of the jury ready to convict him. 
It is a TOUGH FIGHT, but so far I have NEVER had a client convicted of rape by a jury.

How many of you remember Gwinnett's own famous "False Rape" case, Jennifer "Runaway Bride" Wilbanks?   

- John